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Tessa Kauppila

Posted on August 06 2017

In a world so fast-paced and technology-oriented, social media plays an important role in our everyday lives. For us, it’s a fun and personable way to keep in touch with customers and friends, showcasing the shop and the unique products within it. Personally, I use it as a way to not just highlight the greatest parts of my life, but as an illustration of who I am, what I love, and what I do. It’s not about how many likes or comments your post attracts, but your own personal statement! So here are a few tips and tricks to make your next post everything you could want and more!!

Lighting: When taking a quality photo, whether that be of your outfit or your latest baking creation, lighting can make or break the photo. Brighter, natural lighting is always a go-to of mine, especially when the photo highlights bright, summer vibes. If your photo is lacking in this department, VSCO is an editing app I swear by, even to just adjust the brightness!

Props: Okay, so I know this isn’t a movie set, but add a little fun to your photos with fun and flirty objects. Maybe that’s a mug in a brunch picture, or a quirky inflatable with you and your friends at the beach. A massive, sprinkle-covered cone would also be a delectable prop for a colorful addition to your next pic. Derive from the atypical pic and add some flair to your profile.

Killer Outfit: Set yourself apart from the rest with an outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Stop in to Serendipity to search for this very look, or shop online at our website. After posting a photo sporting my layered 3G’s necklaces, so many people reached out to me inquiring about how they could get their hands on those beauties!! It’s wonderful to see how a simple photo can impact others and their next purchase.

Caption: Puns are my go-to; maybe it’s just because I’m a bit nerdy, but I love a good caption that can make me laugh. Make your caption very you, and don’t be afraid to change it up!! Quotes, jokes, heartfelt confessions, a series of emojis- it’s all fair game!

Add Variety: Well a selfie may be a nice addition every once in awhile, don’t flood feeds with the same poses. Add charm and personality with pictures of your travels, your favorite dish, or little, beautiful things you see around town. Don’t be afraid to be unique and post what feels right to you!!

Need a snazzy background? Mouth-dropping outfit? Stop in to take Instagram worthy photos in front of our photo wall and see what we post on our social media accounts, @theserendipityshopinc and @3gsjewelry, in person!! 



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