My Summer with Serendipity!!

Tessa Kauppila

Posted on September 15 2017

My Summer with Serendipity!!

This past April, I was procrastinating my dreadful homework with a quick scroll through Instagram. Double-tapping away at the cute little pictures that grace my feed, I passed a post from Serendipity opening up applications for social media interns. Genuinely intrigued and still on a quest to avoid Calculus, I emailed back with my inquiry. Fast-forward and I joined the girl gang that runs the shop, learning the nuances of retail in the process! Following are a few tokens of wisdom I’ve acquired during my time here.


A LOT goes on behind-the-scenes! I figured managing a small business would take a decent amount of effort. But I’ve realized it’s a lot more than just arranging clothes in an eye-catching way. There is ordering and reordering, inventory, barcoding, websites to constantly update, electronic systems to handle, social media accounts to run, line sheets to make, customers to please, etc!! It’s not all glitz and glamour, but it sure does make me appreciate the work of a place like Serendipity.

A smile goes a long way. “You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” may seem cheesy, but I fully abide by this mantra. I’ve always been a pretty happy camper, but when I started working the floor, I realized the importance of this. A real, authentic smile is inviting. You are not only representing yourself, but the shop as well. Whether it be customer, mailman, the person who washes the windows, or the window shopper walking by, you have the ability to brighten someone’s day.

Moving the sales rack inside takes serious skill. Okay, maybe not. Although, it really did humble me when the whole thing got stuck in a sidewalk nook and came crashing down as rush hour traffic on Milwaukee Ave skirted by. Embarrassing? Yes. But, I now know how to maneuver that bad boy into the shop and may even say that I’ve become quite proficient at it. Take that, sales rack.

Have fun with everything!  Yeah, I know I just mentioned all the hard work it takes to run the shop. Yet, writing these blogs, organizing mini photo shoots, and talking with customers is extremely rewarding. It doesn’t feel like a job if you find joy in everything! Even adding to the line sheet gives me a little sense of accomplishment!! And my favorite thing is when people ask me to help them pick out an outfit. Or accessorize! It’s light-hearted and lets my creative juices flow.

My time here at Serendipity has been wonderful thus far and leaving for school is so bittersweet. But don’t worry too much, I’ll be back during my month long winter break. In the meantime, stop in to Serendipity from 10-5 to shop the latest and greatest!



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