Kind People Are My Kinda People

Kendra Dean

Posted on July 25 2017

Hey guys! Kendra here! I love the summer because the weather is nice, which means more people are around town! I really enjoy taking this time when everyone is out and about to make connections with strangers and make a difference. I hope that this blog post inspires you to get out into the world and start giving back!!

1. Pay-it-Forward in the Drive-Thru: This is by far my favorite thing to do!! I try to put aside about $5-$10 every week or so to pay for others. So when I am in the Starbucks line, I simply ask what the total is for the person behind me and cover their bill. If you get really lucky, they will do the same for the person behind them and start a chain!!!

2. Serendipity Bracelet: Begin putting kindness back into the world with this bracelet. Pass it on to someone who you feel deserves a token of infinite kindness, represented by the infinity charm. If you decide to register the bracelet on our site you can track where it has traveled to! Lastly, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society. 



3. Leave a few flowers: Flowers have the ability to brighten up anyone's day, and a spontaneous one left upon a car or bench works wonders. Stumbling across a simple sunflower or two would create a grin from ear to ear.

4. Kindness Notes- Leave these at the gas station, tucked away in the park, or at your lunch table for your server. Pull out the adorable little box from your bag and put some good karma out into the world.



5. A simple smile or "Hello" to a stranger: We know.... This sounds so simple and cliche, but something like this can go such a long way!!! Life can get hard sometimes and people tend to take it out on other people. Trust me when I say I have been there. See someone having a bad day? Give a big smile, or even a wave!! Behind someone in line who is screaming at the cashier? Once it is your turn, tell the cashier they are doing amazing and you are sorry someone else can't see that. Taking frustrations out on other people can in return make their day bad, and it is only a spiraling affect from there on out. But the same goes for kindness! So spark a smile or two, and think of how such a little act can create such an impact. 

Serendipity wants to encourage you to start going out of your way each and every day to intentionally lighten the burden of someone else. We rise by lifting others; so go out there and make someone's day, and in turn it'll make your own! 

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