"How to" Create our Signature Photo Wall

Kendra Dean

Posted on April 23 2017

Hi babes!! Welcome to our second blog post!!! Thanks for following along! We have gotten so many questions about how we created the signature photo wall in our Serendipity retail shop, so we wanted to share a little "How To" with you!!! Our collage is located on one of our front walls right when you walk into the shop. It makes for an adorable backdrop for merchandise and photos with friends!! 

Just follow these easy steps and you will have your own Serendipity inspired photo wall in no time! 

1. Create a new folder on your computer desktop - we usually end up with about 300 photos to cover our 25x12 wall. 

2.  Gather photos that match your personal aesthetic and that inspire you the most. These can be from the the Internet, Pinterest, Tumblr, or your own camera roll. These photos can range from quotes, landscapes, food, etc. (We try to gather photos with similar colors/seasons)

3. Place these photos into the folder you previously created. 

4. After you have gathered all of your photos, go to https://photos3.walmart.com to download your folder of photos and print them. Go to the "prints" tab on the far left, and select the "print" button on the drop down menu. Then click the 4x4 size option. Next hit the orange "create now" button.

You will then be lead to a window that allows you to download your folder of photos you have created. 

Once you have uploaded all your prints. Hit the "Add To Cart" button in the top right hand corner and finish your checkout process.


You can get these delivered or do in store pick up. We have done both but having them shipped usually takes longer. 

5. Now you are ready to attach to your surface! 

6. We recommend laying out the photos each row at a time on the ground beforehand. This way you can decide which photos look best next to one another. It will allow you to get the big picture before fully committing and attaching them to the wall. 

7. Apply scotch poster tape to the back of each photo - you can purchase this tape at your local Michael's. We recommend putting tape on all four corners and possibly the middle too, just to ensure the pictures do not peel up as time goes by. 

8. If your wall has a corner at the bottom, always make sure to start there so your photos are straight and in line with one another. However, ALWAYS start from the bottom, as this is the easiest and make the task less difficult. 

9. Do one horizontal row at a time. Take your time and make sure to the line the photos up evenly. (Sometimes the cutting from the photo machine is a little messed up, so do your best). 

10. Your finished product should look a little something like this depending on the height and width of your space!

11. We like to change our photos out for different seasons. During the holidays the photos are darker and filled with snow scenes and up close hot cocoa photos!!! 

We hope that each of you have has much fun making and decorating your wall as we did! If you have any additional questions feel free to comment below! Don't forget to tag us in your wall photos if you make on using the hash tag #shopserendipityshop !!!!!


Kendra + Greta 

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