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Kendra Dean

Posted on June 02 2019

I not only love to style outfits but rooms as well! I will say, it took a lot of trial and error, figuring out what to put where and trying not to overdo it, but I'm so happy with how everything came out and can't wait to share some of my favorite bar cart essentials with you.

My roommate and I searched high and low for the perfect cart for our space. We wanted something that had levels and we loved the way the mirror on this one caught the light from our high rise view. You can shop ours: here.

 Top Level:

I thought it would be the easiest to start at the top and place some of my favorite taller products there. Currently we have some house warming gifts we got in the far left corner. That included bottles of wine & Puja and I's favorite- tequila!! The bottles added some color and we plan on swapping the bottles out with a tall vase of flowers when it gets closer to springtime or if we have company over. When creating the perfect bar cart it is important to mix in textures and colors for a little more depth. I added these blush drinking glasses for a pop of pink. I love the vintage pattern, and how it compliments the middle row of clear glasses. (Our clear glasses are sold out but I linked some others I think would look just as cute: here.)


In the far right corner I finished the top level with a set complete with rose gold straws. These highball 24k gold rim glasses had the perfect ombre finish. Puja and I added the matching carafe from Anthropologie in the back for extra height. We included full sets of glasses on the cart as well as stored our extras in our cabinets, you don't have to have full sets out on display at all times!

If you are interested in adding the rose gold straws for some extra design, you can grab them: here.


Middle Levels:

Since our cart had extra space with the two middle levels I decided to keep it super simple. We had space to hang glasses upside down as well as a wine rack but when I tested them out- having products there just seemed over cluttered. If we decide to use anything on the cart when we have people over we can always add and take away! The second I got the Edge Wine Glass collection for Christmas this year I knew I wanted to showcase it. They have been on wish list for a long time. I only included the large red wine ones here on the cart. We have a set of white wine and champagne stored away. The shape added dimension and created a very open look with just eight of them spaced out.

If Puja and I could drink one drink for the rest of our life it would be a Moscow Mule. So we obviously had to give our mugs a shelf of there own. The copper color was a good accent to the overall gold of the cart. Since that shelf was the smallest it made the most sense to keep it simple. I love the hammered texture mixed next to the standard clear wine glasses.


Bottom Level:

When I got down to the bottom level we were lacking a little color. At our home in the suburbs we use our bar cart to display mini soda drinks for when we have friends over. It allows people to grab what they want without having to ask. So for some extra color and to tie into our blush glasses a the top, I spaced out some La Croix. The bottom level is also a great place for larger glassware that you want to keep out but might not have room for in a smaller bar cart. I placed out our collection of tall beer glasses for all our guy friends.

Lastly, I got these glass shot glasses that look like mini beer mugs for my twenty first birthday and have kept them in storage until this very moment!! I couldn't not display them on our cart. They worked perfect in front of our beer glasses, and I loved how the two sizes were completely different. I plan to add a round flower vase in the front left corner when we have guests over!


Enjoy your new bart cart and a cold drink!


Kendra Dean

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