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Kendra Dean

Posted on April 20 2017

Welcome to our first blog post via The Serendipity Shop. We are Kendra and Greta! The daughters of owner Kristin! We have been around Serendipity since the day it opened over 11 years ago and we cannot wait to share more fashion and fun with you all!!! We hope this blog helps us connect with you more as customers but more importantly...friends!!! 

Now for the fun part....introductions!!!

My name is Kendra and I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Fashion Merchandising Degree. I am currently working at Serendipity full time and handling everything from displays, buying, sales, marketing, social media, website and management!  You can find me where there is sun and sand, behind the lens of my camera or designing my own line of apparel and accessories!!! I adore all things fashion and can not wait to connect with more of my customers by using this blog! ENJOY OUR POSTS!!! 

My name is Greta and I am a sophomore at LHS. You can find me on the sidelines during football season, or the competition floor during the winter as a member of the Varsity Dance Team!!! The rest of my spare time is taken up by honors courses and hanging with friends and family, as well as working part time at The Serendipity Shop. I can not wait to meet most of you during the summer at Serendipity and connecting with the rest via our blog and online shop!! HAPPY READING! 

On this blog we will be talking about more than just The Serendipity Shop! We will have "How To" segments, chat more about trends/new arrivals, beauty, decor, have guest bloggers and talking about all things that make us SUPER HAPPYYYY TO BE ALIVE!!!! 

If there is something weighing super heavy on your heart or you can't wait to hear us talk about- comment below and we will try and do a post on it!!! Feedback is encouraged and appreciated!!! :)



Kendra & Greta 

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